Espirito Santo State's Court decides in parking charges

Publicado em 12 Maio 2014.

The 2nd Civil Chamber of the Court of the Estate of Espirito Santo, partially upheld, by a majority vote, the appeal by the Public Prosecutor and the State Institute for the Consumer Protection (Procon) against Civil Action brought against managers of parking and commercial, banking and hospitals.

The court judge Telêmaco Antunes de Abreu Filho decided the establishment of fractional charging for parking with " proportional 15 minutes of stay beyond the minimum limit of gratuity.

In his opinion, "the charge made ​​by the defendants appears to be contrary to the protective rules of consumer law" because the charge may be higher than the corresponding service used.

Also according to the judge Telêmacos, the norm does not violate the owner’s property rights. The court judge also referred "be fully possible judiciary intervention to check for abusive parking charges."


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