Municipal government convicted for public lighting problems

Publicado em 10 Junho 2014.

The prosecution of the State of Rio de Janeiro obtained in court the condemnation of the City of Marica deficiency in street lighting in the 1st and 4th districts of the city. The Municipality will have to pay R$ 100.000,00 as compensation for the collective moral damages, and R$ 50.000,00 for each district.

The decision also requires the municipality to replace the defective lighting within 90 days of the date of May 7, as well as keep in proper operation the automatic on and off triggering lamps; maintain regular replacement service and must make the change within 15 days of written notice from the resident, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 300 per service not performed within the period prescribed; and present in no more than 90 days, the Plan Municipal Street lights with the deadline set for the expansion of the public lighting service in the terms set out in art. 1 and 2 of the Municipal Law. 2.039G/02 and run it as established in the organization chart of works, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 5000.

According to the civil action, filed by the Prosecutor Augusto Lopes Vianna, residents complain about "urgent measures, since all feel insecure, frightened and threatened due to darkness in the streets, which has facilitated several robberies and residential pedestrian ".

Also according to the ACP, or the replacement of defective lamps is held by the municipality, and the citizens, on their own, funded the replacement of the same street. Even so, taxpayers and users of electricity are required to pay the amount referring to the Contribution to Funding of Public Lighting Service on your monthly electric bills.

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