Class action investigate app Secret

Publicado em 31 Agosto 2014.

The 1st Prosecutor's Office of Consumer Protection (Prodecon) decided to archive research on the app Secret, after learning that the Prosecutors of Espirito Santo’s State (MPES) had filed a civil suit (ACP), last Friday, 15th "the ACP investigates similar case with the same authors, so research MPDFT be filed by aggrieved remains," explains prosecutor Paul Binicheski.

The action of the MPES had preliminary injunction dismissed on Tuesday, the 19th of Magistrate 5th Civil Court of Victoria ruled that Apple and Google to remove the application from its official store. Determined further that remotely remove applications from users who have already installed them on their smartphones, within ten days, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 20,000.00.

Understand the case

The 1st Prosecutor's Office of Consumer Protection (Prodecon) filed on Monday, the 18th, civil public inquiry into the Secret, an application that allows users to post anonymous messages and photos. For the prosecution of the Federal District and Territories, the application, that ensure anonymity, which is forbidden by the Federal Constitution, stimulates injurious to privacy, privacy, honor and reputation of users and third-party behaviors.

Source: Public Prosecutor of the Federal District and Territories

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