Publicado em Quarta, 03 Dezembro 2014.

Title: Brazilian class actions – Current state and trends

José Maria Tesheiner

Key words: Brazilian class actions, diffuse rights, homogeneous individual rights.

Summary: Introduction. 1 – Class actions. 2 – Diffuse rights and homogeneous individual rights. 3 – Civil Investigation. 4 –Plaintiff and defendant. 5 – Interlocutory injunctions. 6 – Enforcement. 7 – Class actions related to diffuse rights. 8 – Class actions related to homogeneous individual rights. 9 – Court costs. 10 – Conclusion.


This article contains a synthetic presentation of class actions Brazilian system, with some indications of its future developments. The distinction between protection of collective rights and collective protection of individual rights is stressed. The application (sometimes the creation) of Law as major goal of class actions related to diffuse rights, in opposition to class action related to homogenous individual rights, intended for the protection of subjective rights is pointed out. Parties, preliminary injunctions, enforcement and claim preclusion are some of the chief items exposed.

Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Publicado em Segunda, 03 Setembro 2012.

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We, the representatives of the Brazilian People, convened in the National Constituent Assembly to institute a democratic state for the purpose of ensuring the exercise of social and individual rights, liberty, security, well-being, development, equality and justice as supreme values of a fraternal, pluralist and unprejudiced society, founded on social harmony and committed, in the internal and international orders, to the peaceful settlement of disputes, promulgate, under the protection of God, this Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Public Civil Suit, Law nº 7.347/1985

Publicado em Terça, 04 Setembro 2012.

Public Civil Suit, Law nº 7.347/1985

Consumer Defense Code, Law nº 8.078/1990

Publicado em Terça, 04 Setembro 2012.

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Law nº. 8078, as of September 11, 1990
Consumer Defense Code Provides for Consumers` Protection and Makes
Other Arrangements.

Administrative dishonesty law, Law nº 8.429/1992

Publicado em Terça, 26 Março 2013.


Provides for penalties applicable to public agents in cases of illicit enrichment in the exercise of office, position, employment or function in the direct or indirect public administration or foundational and other measures.

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 Dr. Antonio Gidi

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